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Stepping into Confidence: National High Heel Day

Ladies, it's time to step into a world of elegance, style, and a touch of nostalgia. For me, few things capture the essence of feminine power and sophistication like a pair of stunning high heels. And when it comes to shoes that define my journey, there's one name that stands out: Manolo Blahnik. For decades, Manolo Blahnik has crafted exquisite shoes, renowned for their delicate yet daring stiletto heels that strike a perfect balance between sex appeal and ethereal glamour. Paloma Picasso once said, "Women go crazy for Manolos because when they step into their high heels, they feel they are being elevated to semi-goddess status." This statement resonates deeply with me.

Manolo Blahnik's creations have been my steadfast companions throughout my journey, from the boardroom to red-carpet events. Their sleek designs and vibrant colors have allowed me to express myself, embody confidence, and embrace my femininity. Even as my knees aged and I transitioned from stilettos to flats, Manolo's designs continue to support me. I still have at least six stunning pairs of Manolos in my closet, each pair a reminder of the milestones I've achieved and the obstacles I've overcome. From the workplace to my travels, these shoes have been a constant companion.

Growing up, I learned to appreciate the value of style and how heels can transform not just an outfit but also the way we carry ourselves. In the early days, my Manolos were more than just a fashion statement; they were a tool for self-expression, showcasing my personal style and empowering me to stand taller in every sense. While I continue to embrace my Manolos, my day-to-day life nowadays also finds comfort in the versatility and durability of Skechers. This brand offers trendy designs, comfort, and affordability, making them a staple for my gym days and casual outings.

National High Heel Day celebrates the legacy of high heels as both friend and foe to women, honoring their place in history and our wardrobes. From their origins in the 17th-century Persian army, heels have evolved into a symbol of status, fashion, and self-expression. The day is a reminder of the allure of heels, their role in shaping our style, and how they have transcended time to remain a staple in women's wardrobes. Today, heels continue to add elegance to any outfit, elevating our looks and boosting our confidence.

Reflecting on my journey, I am reminded of the phrase "Hell in high heels." This idiomatic expression is often used to describe a woman who is strong, powerful, confident, and perhaps a bit intimidating or formidable. It suggests that the woman is able to handle challenging situations or environments with grace and determination, even while dressed in a traditionally feminine or glamorous manner, such as wearing high heels. This phrase resonates with the essence of National High Heel Day, celebrating women who navigate difficult circumstances while maintaining their sense of style and presence.

As I look back on my journey from my time in Manolo stilettos to my now more casual days in Skechers, I realize that shoes are more than just accessories. They reflect our confidence, grace, and ability to embrace every step of our journey. From my high heels to my flats, each pair embodies a chapter of my story, from my travels across continents to my escapades with family and friends.

But don’t worry, I'm still ready to break out my heels for the right occasion. I'm still prepared for the red carpet, but until then, you’ll catch me in my comfy flats, embracing life’s twists and turns. So, let's embrace the power of our shoes, our style, and our unique journeys. Here’s to stepping forward with confidence, in whatever shoes carry us along the way!

Stepping forward with style and grace,

Janet Folk

Author / Entrepreneur


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