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Janet Folk is a renowned start-up entrepreneur and the esteemed founder of J. Folk & Associates, Ltd. in Alberta. With an impressive tenure of over 30 years as President, she showcased her astute business acumen by expanding her portfolio through the acquisition of Beveridge Insurance. Not stopping there, Janet’s ventures also included the establishment of National Home Warranty Programs, Ltd. Her entrepreneurial journey reached new heights in 2008 when she successfully sold her companies to AVIVA Canada, paving the way for her to explore philanthropy and embark on fresh business opportunities.​

Janet is widely recognized for her active involvement in the community. Her dedication to making a positive impact is evident through her contributions while serving on the Boards of the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation, the Zebra Child Protection Centre, and the Edmonton Humane Society.

In addition to these invaluable commitments, Janet also founded the Orange Dog Foundation, a cause close to her heart. Through this initiative, she organizes “Freedom Flights,” utilizing her Gulfstream III jet to rescue abandoned puppies, exemplifying her unwavering compassion for animals in need.

Uncover another heartwarming tale of compassion and rescue featuring Kevin Costner, Janet and his white Labrador, Daisy. In 2010, they joined our mission to save dogs facing euthanization in California shelters due to wildfires. Partnering with The Orange Dog rescue, they transported hundreds of dogs on Jan's private jet to secure forever homes in Canada. Read more about this inspiring journey and watch the video on Celebrity Pets:

Janet’s profound dedication extends beyond her entrepreneurial and philanthropic endeavors. She firmly believes in mentoring and nurturing the next generation of business leaders, offering her guidance and wisdom to shape their success and inspire their entrepreneurial spirit.

Adding to her remarkable achievements, Janet Folk’s powerful memoir, “Hell in High Heels: How I Conquered My Demons,” has made a profound impact in the field of addiction and recovery. It is not only carried in 23 treatment center libraries, reaching individuals who are seeking support and guidance on their own journey to sobriety, but it has also been submitted to Readers’ Favorite, a prestigious platform for book reviews and recommendations. This recognition further underscores the immense influence of Janet’s story and the captivating narrative she shares, touching the lives of many and providing a source of inspiration and hope to those facing their own personal battles.

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