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National Recovery Awareness Month: Breaking the Stigma

As we step into September, we enter a month that carries a profound message of hope and transformation - National Recovery Awareness Month. It serves as a poignant reminder that addiction doesn't need to bear the weight of societal stigma. It's a call to action, a chance to rewrite the narrative, and a platform to affirm that recovery is both possible and powerful.


This Recovery Month, let's unite in our commitment to shatter the stigma that clings to addiction. Let's spread the message widely: Recovery is not only possible, but it also starts with understanding, support, and love. I invite you to explore this critical conversation further by reading my article about Recovery and the Stigma Surrounding it.


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Reviewed by Grace Ruhara for Readers' Favorite

Hell In High Heels is an emotional yet inspirational real-life story in which Janet Folk takes us through her life's tribulations and how she conquered them. Janet's challenges began even before birth, as her mother was not happy about her pregnancy. The hatred continued even more after Janet's birth and into adulthood. Janet's life was centered on pleasing her mother, but she would not budge. At the tender age of fourteen, Janet is sent to a convent to avoid male friendships. After graduating high school, Janet leaves home, hoping to start a new life. But little does she know that more challenging hurdles will appear. She faces sexual harassment from her bosses because she cannot stand up for herself. To end this ordeal, Janet gathers her confidence and starts her own insurance brokerage company, which thrives and succeeds. However, before she can enjoy her life's hard work, she finds herself trapped in alcoholism, which she struggles to overcome for a long time but eventually does. She joins various charities that have helped her change lives to give back to her community.


Hell In High Heels by Janet Folk sends a plea to parents about the importance of caring for, loving, and guiding their children and making them know they are wanted and appreciated. This will give them the courage to stand up for themselves whenever faced with life's obstacles and the ability to learn they are worth it and not settle for anything less due to compromise. Despite Janet's challenges, she overcomes them and builds a name for herself in society as an accomplished entrepreneur. Her journey through pain and toward success will inspire anyone to overcome any challenges they face and make something of themselves despite the odds. This book is also a must-read for anyone facing drug addiction. They will appreciate Janet's journey with alcoholism as they learn from her struggles and understand that it's not easy and why it is essential to ask for help and surround themselves with strong support systems.

Adding to her remarkable achievements, Janet Folk's powerful memoir, "Hell in High Heels: How I Conquered My Demons," has made a profound impact in the field of addiction and recovery. It is not only carried in 23 treatment center libraries, reaching individuals who are seeking support and guidance on their own journey to sobriety, but it has also been submitted to Readers' Favorite, a prestigious platform for book reviews and recommendations. This recognition further underscores the immense influence of Janet's story and the captivating narrative she shares, touching the lives of many and providing a source of inspiration and hope to those facing their own personal battles.


Exciting News: Jan Featured on SMART Recovery Podcast!


We are thrilled to announce that Jan recently made a guest appearance on the SMART Recovery podcast, sharing her inspiring journey and insights. In the episode titled "Making the Decision for Myself," Jan delves into her personal experiences and the powerful choices she made on her path to recovery and empowerment.

Listen to her story and be inspired by her resilience and determination. Check out the episode here: Making the Decision for Myself

In this issue of Life Changes Magazine (Summer 2024), Janet shares her harrowing experience with online catfishing, exposing the emotional and financial toll it took on her and offering a cautionary tale to help others avoid similar fates.

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