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Women's Day: Purple Heels on the Path to Inclusion

On International Women's Day, our communities, hearts and heels are adorned with shades of

purple, a color that stands for justice and dignity, beautifully capturing the essence of what we

celebrate today. This day, globally celebrated, isn't just about acknowledging the remarkable

strides we've made across social, economic, cultural, and political arenas; it's a moment to

honor the resilience that has propelled us forward, a resilience I've come to know intimately

through my own life's trials and triumphs.

My story, woven into the broader narrative of women's relentless pursuit for rights and

inclusion, shares themes of overcoming personal battles with domestic abuse, achieving

professional milestones, and navigating life's unexpected challenges. Today, we stand united

under the theme of "Inspire Inclusion," urging us to foster environments that champion every

woman's growth and well-being.

Finding strength in the camaraderie of other women has been nothing short of transformative

for me. It serves as a powerful reminder that we don't face our battles in isolation; rather, in

the shared narratives of our struggles and triumphs, we find a collective strength that's truly

formidable. This solidarity and empathy boost us, compelling us to stand taller, fight with more

vigor, and embrace life and each other with open hearts. At 71, I firmly believe I'm living my

best life, proof that our prime doesn't expire; it evolves.

On this International Women's Day, I would like to celebrate trailblazers who've battled

addiction and emerged with inspiring tales of triumph. In the spirit of "Inspire Inclusion," this

International Women's Day prompts us to consider how we can foster environments that

champion the growth and well-being of all women. In my journey, SMART Recovery has been a

beacon of hope and empowerment, particularly through hosting women-only recovery

meetings. These gatherings have not only been a source of personal strength but have

underscored the power of collective support and understanding among women.

So, here's to us! Let's raise a glass of non-alcoholic beer — sure, it might not pack the same

punch, but hey, choosing it is a victory in itself. Here's to every woman's personal and shared

victories. Happy International Women's Day. In unity, support, and unwavering solidarity, we

continue to shatter barriers and sculpt a world where every woman's voice resonates, her

potential is fully realized, and her existence is celebrated.

Cheers, to purple heels clinking, and to infinite possibilities and beyond!

Janet Folk (Author / Entrepreneur)


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