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Sisterhood of Sobriety: Celebrating Alcohol Awareness Month

Sisters, as we waltz into April, we’re not just stepping into spring; we're stepping into a moment of

reckoning… Alcohol Awareness Month. I’ve danced in many shoes, from stilettos to golf cleats, and if

there's one thing my journey from has taught me, it’s that the dance of life is often a delicate balance

between grace and grit, especially when navigating the world of alcohol.

There’s a story not often told with the laughter and clinking glasses; it's hidden in the quiet moments of

doubt, in the whispered regrets of "just one more," and in the shadows of our resilience. It's our story, my dear women, our collective journey through the highs and lows of life, where alcohol sometimes becomes an unwelcome partner. I've walked through fire, in high heels, no less. Battled demons in boardrooms, fought off the advances of those who mistook kindness for weakness, and stood my ground when the world seemed intent on knocking me down. Through it all, I learned that the most intoxicating power we possess isn't found at the bottom of a glass; it's within the depths of our souls.

To anyone who find themselves at the crossroads of contemplation and consumption, remember this:

every sip of clarity is a victory. Every moment you choose yourself over the urge, you’re embracing a

strength that many will never know. This is not a sermon from the mount of sobriety but a heartfelt

whisper from one who knows the seductive dance of denial all too well. Fear not, for April is our time to

shine a spotlight on the unseen battles, to support one another in a chorus of compassion and courage. It's not about casting judgment or proclaiming absolutes; it's about opening our hearts to the possibility that sometimes, the bravest thing we can do is to say, "No more".

In the pages of my life, I've scribbled notes of despair, painted over mistakes, and torn out chapters that

no longer serve me. But here's the thing, I rewrote my story with a clear mind and a heart full of hope.

And you can too. This journey isn't about hurling judgments or prompting you to pen your memoir; it's

about embracing our frailties and converting them into our deepest sources of strength.

This understanding and transformation happen in real time, in real places, like the all-women's recovery group I host every Tuesday. Just last night, 16 incredible women gathered, each sharing their story, their

struggles, and their steps towards sobriety. It's become one of my most cherished rituals, a sacred space where laughter and tears mingle, where bonds are forged in the fires of shared experience, and where each voice adds to the chorus of our collective journey towards healing and wholeness.

So, as we navigate this month, and every month, for that matter, let's pledge to be gentle with ourselves, to lean on each other, and to remember that the path to sobriety, like the journey of life, is richer with the support of sisters who understand the dance. Together, we are unstoppable!

With solidarity and sobriety,

Janet Folk (Author / Entrepreneur)


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