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Spring into Easter: Heels, Hopes, and Handmade Memories

Growing up, Easter was that special time when you got to wear your Sunday best. It was about

brightening up after a long winter, stepping into spring with style and grace. This Easter, let's

channel that excitement and anticipation. Whether it's reviving that tradition with a modern twist

or simply wearing something that makes you feel fabulous, it's our time to shine. My mom, Kay,

and my sisters, Loreen and Doreen, always made sure we were decked out in the finest, even

though we didn’t have much. It was a time of family, fashion, and, of course, a bit of friendly

sibling rivalry on who got the most Easter eggs.

This year, I’m diving back into those colorful traditions with a modern twist, eagerly anticipating

the egg painting session with my nephew Benny. We're planning an eggstravaganza, aiming to

create tie-dye masterpieces that'll turn our Easter basket into a vibrant showcase of creativity and

love. These moments are about more than just paint and eggs; they're about crafting memories

that stick, laughing over spills and splatters, and celebrating the beautiful mess of life together.

Now, let’s chat about my absolute favorite spring things: The joys of chocolate, red jellybeans,

and the endless allure of traveling. This Easter, why not pair that chocolate egg with plans for

your next big adventure? Whether it's a quiet retreat you’ve been longing for or an exhilarating

escapade across continents, Easter symbolizes the perfect time for rebirth, for embarking on new

journeys, and rediscovering passions we might have shelved during the colder months. My

itinerary this year, stretching from the rolling hills of Tuscany through the historic streets of

Rome to the awe-inspiring Taj Mahal, awaits with bated breath.

In the midst of planning travels and crafting with Benny, I'm also navigating the exhilarating

journey of building not just one, but two homes. If you think picking between chocolate eggs and

jellybeans is tough, try juggling blueprints and paint swatches! Thankfully, the brilliant Suzanne

Cox of Envisions by Suzanne, a dear friend and interior stylist extraordinaire, is at the helm.

With her keen eye for color and design, we're crafting spaces that reflect the joy and vibrancy of

my life.

This Easter season is all about embracing those new beginnings. For me, that translates into

setting fresh goals, like maintaining my health with the unwavering support of my personal

trainer and drawing strength from the incredible women in my women’s recovery group. Their

strength, laughter, and stories remind me why I started hosting these meeting and why I am on

this journey.

Happy Easter, fabulous women. Let's step into this season with style, a smile, and maybe a little

bit of that construction dust on our shoes. Here’s to new adventures, personal projects, and the

joy of creating our own Easter celebration, complete with chocolate, jellybeans, tie-dye eggs, and

the promise of new beginnings.

Embracing spring with laughter, a paintbrush in one hand, and a blueprint in the other,

Janet Folk (Author / Entrepreneur)


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