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This Valentine's Day: Celebrating Self-Love

Valentine's Day – a time traditionally dedicated to romantic love, can stir a mix of emotions. But as my journey in "Hell in High Heels" taught me, it’s also a perfect occasion to honor a different, equally

important love: the love for oneself.

After navigating the choppy waters of divorce and conquering personal challenges, I've come to

understand the paramount importance of the relationship we have with ourselves. This realization didn't

come easy. It was born from the depths of my struggles and the heights of my victories. Valentine’s Day,

for me, has evolved from seeking love externally to celebrating the harmony and appreciation that resides within.

Solitude, once a daunting prospect, has become a cherished ally. My focus now is on maintaining my

health, nurturing friendships, embracing travel, writing, and dedicating myself to causes like Smart

Recovery. Writing my memoir was more than just recounting my story; it was an empowering journey of


This Valentine's Day is a testament to the new tradition of self-love and gratitude. I begin the day with

self-care rituals – yes, my body might be aging, but that's not stopping me. With a personal trainer and a home sauna, I'm committed to keeping myself in top shape this year. As I remind myself I have too much to do!

Indulging in my passions is also a significant part of the day. Currently, I'm gearing up for another

exciting adventure with Annie, a close friend who shares my zeal for life and style. Travel has always

been a source of joy and discovery for me.

Giving back and finding purpose form the cornerstone of my contentment. Hosting recovery meetings,

working with Smart Canada, and engaging in podcasts and radio interviews about my book and related

topics bring a sense of fulfillment that's hard to match.

Connecting with loved ones is another vital aspect of Valentine’s Day. Spending time with my niece

Alanna, her son Benny, and my cherished dogs is a reminder of the pure love and unspoken bonds we

share. These moments are filled with laughter and joy, even if it's from the humorous realization that I

might have replaced wine with chocolates a bit too eagerly this year!

From experiencing great loves to being catfished, as mentioned in my book, I've had a taste of it all. But the most empowering discovery has been learning to find joy in my own company. For those who might find Valentine’s Day a challenge, remember that it's a celebration of all forms of love, especially the love you have for yourself. As "Hell in High Heels" illustrates, every life experience, good or bad, is an opportunity for growth and self-discovery.

This Valentine’s Day, let's redefine love to include self-care, passion, and giving back. Finding

contentment in what we love – our health, our hobbies, our pets, chocolate, and our ability to contribute – is a profound celebration of love.

With love and a touch of humor,

Janet Folk (Author / Entrepreneur)


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